How Technology Can Help You Find Out If Your Partner Is Cheating

Serious Relationship

Being in a serious relationship isn't for everyone. Some people enjoy living a life of celibacy, while others feel more put together knowing that they are in a relationship with someone they love. Everyone is different and that's okay! It's just important to find out exactly what you want before jumping into a serious relationship. Are you in a serious relationship but you're having doubts about your partner's loyalty? Well, you wouldn't be the first person. If you suspect that your boyfriend/girlfriend has started to see other people while dating you, there are a number of things you can do to put your questions to rest. A serious relationship should not be walked over so easily, and if your partner has begun to play games, you have a right to know.

Looking Through Their Search Results

If you want to find out whether or not your partner is cheating on you, without asking them, then get ready to do a little investigating. It all depends on where you stand. You can always look through their computer's search engine to see what they have been doing with their time. If they have been googling,”How to cheat” or inquiring about dubious topics, then it might be time to ask them about it in person. Looking through their search engine will help you find out if they are living a secret life. Their search engine can tell you if they are looking up restaurants or bars in the area, or possible date ideas. You can also see if they are visiting any hookup platforms via the internet. Snooping around isn't always the best option. In reality, if you suspect that your lover is cheating on you, you should just ask them, tell them your doubts, and then ask to see their phone as proof. If they refuse to show you, get angry, and even defensive, then they are hiding their search engine for a reason, and you should just get out of your long term relationship.

Are They Subscribed To Any Dating Websites?

If you want to know if your boyfriend or girlfriend is cheating on you. The best way to do so is to use technology. Most people feel like they are invincible and sly, but everyone leaves behind some tidbits of information every once in awhile. Since online dating is now the new and improved way to find a hookup, if your partner is cheating he might be subscribed to a dating site. If your partner has started coming home late or going out with friends every weekend ( more than they used to). You might be sharing them with someone that they met on an online dating site. Sure, it's normal for them to have a social life. But you know them best and if you feel like something is up, you just might be right.

Is my partner cheating on me?

Has your long time partner begun to act like a stranger? Have they started coming in late at night, bailing on you, and acting like their life is too hectic to make time for you — when you know that it's not. If so, then these might be the first signs that you are being cheated on. No one wants to ask themselves, “Is he/she cheating on me?”, but sometimes you just have to. If you were being cheating on, wouldn't you want to know right away? If yes, then there are a few things that you could do to find out. The easiest way to find out is by asking them if they are cheating. If they say no, but you are far from convinced you can always ask for proof. If you are afraid that this action could ruin your relationship, just know that it's basically already over if you have to ask them if they're cheating, and so you have nothing to lose. If you don't want to ask, then get sneaky with it. But just know that if they find you snooping you will be the one in the ‘wrong' and not them.

Sneaking Around

If you're in a serious relationship with someone you love and trust, there should be no sneaking around whatsoever. Your partner should know your cell phone and facebook password — and not because they asked you for it but because you never had the need to hide it. Having secrets and sneaking around are two sure ways of taking your relationship and throwing it in the dumpster. Every relationship is different, but as long as it is built on trust then it should thrive. If your partner has been sneaking around, going out late, dressing extra nice, and guarding their phone at all cost, then I'm sorry to say that they are most likely chatting or going out with someone new but don't have the courage to break it off with you.