Learn How To Detect Dating Scams

Trois-Rivieres, Canada is a pretty small city. I have lived here all my life, and I have recently gotten into online dating because my sex life had become pretty stale. I was pretty new to the world of online dating profiles and the tricks you need to know what to message a girl - things that might not seem difficult but actually are, especially when you live in a small town like Trois-Rivieres and the options are limited. I got into SaucyDating.com by just searching for an online dating site, and after a couple of months I realized I was not going to meet any Canadian women on it. So is SaucyDating.com good for hooking up with girls? From my experience, definitely not. I spent a lot of money on the site, and a lot of time message women to try and set up a date in Canada. As it turned out, a lot of the profiles I was messaging were actually scam profiles, so I would say that SaucyDating.com is more of a scam site then a good spot to start online dating. These are really becoming more popular now, and so it's important to know how to detect a scam when you see one. Even though I made a mistake with SaucyDating, I did pick up a lot of helpful information about scam affair sites from this great review article on SaucyDating.com that I found on married-but-chearing.info. It helped me understand the most common mistakes that men make with online dating, and I want to share some of these mistakes with you so that you do not make the same mistakes I did. It's important to know how to detect a scam site so that you do not waste time or money. It is also important to know how to make a good online dating profile, because without one you will not meet any girls in Canada. The first thing to do is make sure that your profile description is all about casual sex. If you say you are looking for love, then scammers will be interested in messaging you. That happened a little bit on SaucyDating.com.

Scam Sites

Scam sites are everywhere in the online dating industry. There are two kinds of scam dating sites. One kind of scam sites are completely scams, in that they are built by a coder and pretend to have real people on there to hook up with, but in reality they are all fake. I felt this was one of the problems with SaucyDating.com. So many people I messaged seemed too good to be true, and then they never responded to me. I literally spent hours and hours trying to meet people that did not exist. Meanwhile I spent over $200 dollars on subscription fees thinking that it would turn around. It did not. Other scam sites are partially legitimate but contain some profiled from scam artists that want your money. These kinds of scams are more about understanding the profiles of the people that message you. This list will be about the scam sites that have some scam profiles on them, because it is more common than the first kind of scam sites I just mentioned. How can you detect scam profiles? Let's take a look.

Scam Profiles

Always be aware of the age of the person, especially if they are younger. They will message you first, and if they are a slightly younger women, then perhaps they are scammers. Also take note of their profession. If they say they are a widowed mother, then avoid them. In Trois-Rivieres, the best method is to just go with local ladies. That way you know you will be getting some dates anyways. Even if they do not look like the most attractive person in the world, at least you will be able to meet in person for a date. Scam profiles also include poor images, and definitely inconsistent images. This is because they don't have two similar images of the same person. Do a photo check on the person, and you will notice that they are not living where they say they are. This is the same with geolocation discrepancies, because if you monitor their movement it will not correspond to where they say they live. The last thing to check is the emails the send you, and the content of the emails. Usually the grammar is really bad, and they want to escalate the conversations very quickly by saying things like I love you, I miss you. Just make sure you know you are talking to a real person, and that takes care of scam profiles.