5 Ways To Keep Your Woman After You Cheated

We all make mistakes, but if you've really screwed up and cheated on your wife or girlfriend you've made one of the worst ones of all. She has every right to leave you if you're unfaithful to her, but if she decides to give you a second chance you should consider yourself to be extremely lucky and work your hardest to show her that she made the right decision. Let her see that she can't live without you, even after you've cheated, with these top tips on how to keep her:
  1. Listen.

  2. Communication is a crucial thing to pay attention to if you want to fix your relationship after cheating, and after you've been cheating she'll be the one doing most of the talking. Give her the details she wants but resist the urge to make it all about you. Remember that she's the one who has been hurt and she deserves the most air-time when it comes to talking things out. UK women don't usually want advice or for their men to give them solutions to their problems when they talk. Instead, they just want someone to listen and make them feel heard and validated. If you're committed to keeping her after infidelity then be prepared to let her vent while you listen.
  3. Do whatever it takes.

  4. Let her take the lead in determining what she needs in order to forgive you and move on from an affair. Then your job is to give her what she wants to show her how committed you are to keeping her happy. In order to fix your relationship after cheating you might need to go for couples counselling, attend a support group, or do whatever else she might want. If she's worth it and you're really sorry after cheating you'll be willing to do anything she wants.
  5. Put her needs first.

  6. While your needs are important, nothing is more sacred than her feelings, wants, and desires when you're trying to make up for having an affair. Give her whatever she needs, whether it's her own space, a shoulder to cry on, someone to pamper her, or anything else that she wants to help her get over being cheated on. Put her ahead of yourself and always make sure that she's happy above all else.
  7. Step up your responsibilities.

  8. If you've cheated then you're likely to be in the doghouse for a long time. This isn't the time to get defensive or mad - just accept responsibility for your actions and decide to do something about it. Now is the time to throw yourself into your duties at home. Tackle the projects she's been wanting you to do without her having to nag you, help take some of the load off of her responsibilities, and generally pitch in and help out without her having to ask. She'll appreciate the way you're showing her that you care by the way you step up around the house.
  9. Show her how you'll change.

  10. Of all of the ways to keep your woman after cheating, this is one of the most important. Women hate it when men are all talk, so use your actions to show her that you're committed to saving the relationship instead of just talking about it. Instead of telling her that you'll work less, make a point of coming home earlier and not working weekends. Or try scheduling regular date nights instead of just telling her that you'll spend more time together. Remember that actions speak louder than words, so show her all of the ways you're willing to work on finding happiness together and saving the relationship after infidelity.