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Celebrating 10 years of Green Street

Green Street was a pan-Canadian environmental education program that operated between 1999 and June 2010. The goal of the program was to encourage active participation of young people in environmental stewardship. Its strategy centred on supporting voluntary sector organizations in offering quality programs to schools that responded to both students’ interests and teachers’ needs. In its effort to strengthen environment education in Canada, Green Street fostered the emergence of a community of learning that involved students, teachers, environmental educators, program managers, researchers and advisors. The goal of this web archive is to ensure that learning from Green Street continues to be shared. It includes stories from Green Street participants, resources produced in the context of the program, and descriptions of key partners and their work.

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Stay tuned for the sequel! Building on the best of Green Street, Imagineaction will be launched on September 1st, 2010.

Green Street Digital Stories

Our Vision

To offer high quality environmental learning and sustainability programs that actively engaged Canadian elementary and secondary school students to:

  • encourage a sense of personal responsibility for the environment;
  • foster a commitment to sustainable living, and promote an enduring dedication to environmental stewardship; and
  • take action in the school and/or local community, based on issues that are relevant to students' concerns.

By registering with Green Street, you had access to high quality environmental learning and sustainability programs, funding opportunities, tapped into a network of experts, and joined a Web platform to find out what other schools were doing across the country to support environmental sustainability and student engagement.